Dance Biography & Resume

In the studio at MYB, 1994


“Jaime began her ballet training at the age of 6. She studied with Theresa Martinez and Ana Maria Martinez at the Virginia Beach Ballet Academy (founded by Enrique Martinez and Theresa Martinez) from third grade until high school. Her family  relocated to the Washington, DC area, where Jaime trained at the Maryland Youth Ballet under the direction of Tensia Fonseca and Michelle Lees. She then went on to study ballet at Indiana University, training with Patricia McBride, Violette Verdy, Jean‐Pierre Bonnefoux, Jacques Cesbron, and Leslie Peck. Jaime began teaching at IU, while pursuing her degree in Ballet Performance and Psychology. She taught children in the university’s youth program, as well as college ballet elective students. Jaime has also studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts, Richmond Ballet, and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. She has been teaching ballet in the Hampton Roads area since 2005.”

Complete Resume:

Professional Training 

  • Virginia Beach Ballet Academy (VBBA), Virginia Beach, VA

Trained with Theresa Martinez, and Ana Maria Martinez.  1984-1992.

  • Maryland Youth Ballet (MYB), Bethesda, MD

Trained with Tensia Fonseca, Michelle Lees, Eric Hampton, Harriet Moncure Fellows, Roberta Steim, and Alvin Mayes.  1992-1994.

  • North Carolina School of the Arts (NCSA), Winston-Salem, NC

Trained with Melissa Hayden, Kirsten Simone, Frank Smith, and Fanchon Cordell.  1992 & 1993 Summer Sessions.

  • Richmond Ballet, Richmond, VA

Trained with Stoner Winslett, Judy Jacob, Malcom Burn. 1996  Pre-Professional Summer Session

  • Indiana University Ballet Theatre (IUBT), Bloomington, IN

Trained with Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, Patricia McBride, Jacques Cesbron, Virginia Cesbron, Violette Verdy, Leslie Peck, Robert Underwood. 1994-1998.  Graduated with High Honors, May 1998.

Performing in Don Quixote, IUBT 1997

Performance Experience

  • The Fairy Doll: Spanish Doll, Ballerina Doll, Mother.  VBBA
  • Snow White: Snow White.  VBBA
  • Great Galloping Gottschalk:  Ensemble.  VBBA 1992
  • The Nutcracker: Mother, Snow Corps, Flower Corps, Mirlitons.  MYB 1992-1993
  • My Carnaval: The Masked Ladies. MYB 1993
  • A Folk Tale (Bournonville): Pas de Sept, Soloist, NCSA 1993
  • The Nutcracker: Snow Corps, Flower Corps, Chinese, Spanish. IUBT 1994-1997
  • Daphnis and Chloe: Corps, Pirates. IUBT 1995
  • From Sonata in G: Ensemble. IUBT 1995
  • Madame Bovary:  Nun. IUBT 1996
  • Western Symphony: Third Movement. IUBT 1996
  • The Eiffel Tower: Telegram Girls. IUBT 1996
  • Oklahoma!: Dance Ensemble. IU 1997
  • Don Quixote: Spanish Ladies. IUBT 1997
  • Sleeping Beauty: Princess. VBBA 2006
  • Bolero: Ensemble. VBBA 2006
  • The Fairy Doll: Mother. VBBA 2008
  • Fashion Show Benefit: Soloist. Norfolk, VA 2011
  • Flair! Variety Show: Soloist. Arts Enter 2011
  • The Poem of Christmas: Mary. Arts Enter 2011
  • Great Galloping Gottschalk: Ensemble. VBBA 2012
  • The Fairy Doll: Mother. VBBA 2012
  • Nutcracker Excerpts: Snow Ensemble. VBBA 2012
  • Night: Soloist. Arts Enter 2013
  • Nutcracker Excerpts: Snow Ensemble. VBBA 2013
  • Shostakovich: Ensemble. VBBA 2014
  • Sleeping Beauty, Act III: Puss in Boots. VBBA 2014
  • Great Galloping Gottschalk: Ensemble. VBBA 2015

Teaching Experience

  • IU Pre-College Ballet Program, 1994 – 1998

Beginning Ballet, Ages 5-7; Intermediate Ballet, Ages 11-14

  • IU Elective Ballet Courses for College Students – Bloomington, IN 1995 – 1996

Introduction to Ballet; Beginning Ballet

  • Virginia Beach Ballet Academy – Virginia Beach, VA  2005 – present

Beginner through Advanced, Ballet and Pointe

  • Arts Enter – Cape Charles, VA 2011 – 2013

Beginner through Advanced, Ballet and Pointe

  • Todd Rosenlieb Dance – Norfolk, VA 2012 – present

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet and Pointe, Children’s Structured Program

Absolute Beginner Ballet, Adult Open Classes


  • Hansel and Gretel: Birds. Arts Enter 2011
  • Mime Fight: Choreography Assistant, The Spontaneous Creative 2011
  • Enron, the Play: 3 Dance Numbers. Generic Theater 2011
  • Fashion Show Benefit: Solo Variation. Norfolk, VA 2011
  • Flair! Variety Show: Solo Variation. Arts Enter 2011
  • The Great American Trailer Park Musical:Choreography Advisor. Generic Theater 2011
  • The Poem of Christmas: Solo Variations for Mary; Pas de Deux for Mary and Joseph; Variation for Mary and Elizabeth. Arts Enter 2011
  • Making Waves: Ensemble and Variations. Arts Enter 2012
  • Ruthless!: 5 Musical Numbers. Little Theatre of Norfolk 2012
  • Carol of the Bells: Ensemble Ballet of 10 dancers. VBBA 2012
  • Night: Contemporary Ballet for 3 dancers, with solo variations. Arts Enter 2013
  • Printemps: Ballet for 3 dancers. TRDance Academy 2015
  • Venture: Pas de Trois. TRDance Academy 2015
  • Glow: Ballet for 4 Dancers. Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensemble 2016

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