Perspective: VBBA Performance

Last Saturday was the year-end performance of the Virginia Beach Ballet Academy. I had the honor of teaching the 9am warm-up class before the dress rehearsal. Dancers ranging in age from 10 to 20-something were scattered all around the theatre; some were on stage (clustered around the lone barre that was available and some using stacked boxes or chairs), and others used railings, walls, and … Continue reading Perspective: VBBA Performance

Perspective: Comfort Zone

On Wednesdays I teach an absolute beginner ballet class for adults. And what kind of class is that, exactly? It is a start-from-scratch introduction to ballet, which includes instruction on posture, positions for the legs and arms, fundamental steps, and movement combinations. My class size varies every week from two to five students. I have a few regulars, and then others who attend a bit more sporadically. … Continue reading Perspective: Comfort Zone

The Search for the Perfect Pointe Shoe

Phase I of “Operation Get Jaime Back in Performance Shape” is starting strong. I have been taking class twice a week for the last two weeks, I am teaching ballet two nights a week, and I have been walking on the beach in the mornings. So I’m getting into the swing of things, and loving every minute of it! The plan is to add another dance class and a yoga class in the week, starting next month. And what’s so fantastic about all this, is that I can organize the timing of things in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with my work schedule. Woot!! Continue reading “The Search for the Perfect Pointe Shoe”