Portfolio: Collage Art

I create mixed media artwork. Though most of my work is abstract, many pieces have a distinct subject (though it may not be obvious at first). In love with all things recycled, I strive to reuse materials as much as possible when creating my pieces. The base is typically an old canvas or frame backing, layered with used magazine pages, leftover paint, and other embellishments.

My first venture into the Hampton Roads area art scene was in December of 2009, when two of my art pieces were included in the silent auction to benefit the American Red Cross – Coastal Virginia Region held at the aloft hotel in Chesapeake. Since then, my artwork has been included in additional silent and live auctions to benefit such organizations as the Norfolk SPCA and the Hospice Alliance in Virginia Beach. I’ve had the joy of participating in several shows as well: aloft hotel in Chesapeake; the Bean There Coffee Shop in Norfolk; the Earth Day Art Show at the MOCA in Virginia Beach; Jack’s Bistro in Virginia Beach; 757 Creative Space in Norfolk; Green Drinks Virginia Beach; and the Gallery at the Chapman in Hampton.

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