The Search for the Perfect Pointe Shoe

Phase I of “Operation Get Jaime Back in Performance Shape” is starting strong. I have been taking class twice a week for the last two weeks, I am teaching ballet two nights a week, and I have been walking on the beach in the mornings. So I’m getting into the swing of things, and loving every minute of it! The plan is to add another dance class and a yoga class in the week, starting next month. And what’s so fantastic about all this, is that I can organize the timing of things in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with my work schedule. Woot!!

I am officially performing once this year (with the hope that more opportunities will arise). I’m super excited, and thrilled, and overjoyed … but I have a dilemma.

I need to find the perfect pointe shoes.

I realize that there is no perfect pointe shoe. In general. But, each type of pointe shoe works best with certain kinds of feet: high arches need a certain kind of shank; long toes need a long vamp; wide feet work better with a shoe with a wider platform. Etc. The real problem is that I had found the perfect pointe shoes. And now I think they might be gone.

I remember it well; I had gone through what seemed like endless brands and styles of pointe shoes and was unhappy with them all. I got by with a few that were “okay.” But some of them were a nightmare for my feet. My toenails bruised and fell off. My bunions got worse. My feet would blister from the shoes that would die too quickly and wrinkle. Frustrated? Definitely.

And then I found my Chacotts. Not the Veronese – oh no. The Coppelia II’s. They were heavenly: just the right amount of strength in the shank, the perfect vamp, the box was strong but quiet, the color was a beautiful peach-pink … I could go on. Basically, I fell in love with them. I danced in those shoes for years; we had a such a great run together. I never had trouble with my toenails, my bunions calmed down, I hardly ever had blisters.

They were the perfect shoe for me.

I stopped dancing for several years after college. I took a break, I suppose. (Click here for more details on that whole thing). I did eventually come back to ballet, and to my disappointment, the Coppelia II’s seemed to have disappeared. All of my former dance supply sources no longer carried them. I found a shoe that was “okay,” and it did the job. I have used those “okay” shoes again recently, and while they are “okay” … they are certainly not my Coppelia II’s.

So here I am, in the muck of a pointe shoe dilemma. And while this is nowhere near the worst dilemma I’ve ever faced (or will ever face), it’s still no party. Now that I am dancing again, and plan to do so regularly (and for as long as possible), I need to find pointe shoes that are more than just okay. I have relaunched my search for the Coppelia II’s, but all of the leads don’t seem to go anywhere. I found a few pairs on Ebay, but they are not the right size.

I also found a website for Chacott in Japan; the company has an online brochure, and the Coppelia II is in it!! It still exists! However, the link for “How to Order/Catalog” is under construction, and all of the dealers listed do not seem to carry the Coppelia II. I sent an email a few minutes ago to the company to request a catalog, and to request information on how to order.

It seems like this should be easier – like I’m just looking in the wrong places. I’ve searched for these shoes for so long, and never seem to find them. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking, and asking around, etc.

You’ll never guess what just happened …

As I was Googling photos of the Chacott pointe shoes to include with this post, I saw one I especially liked, and it led me to a dance wear supplier that appears to currently carry my shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it is after 11pm, so I can’t call them now, and therefore I am not yet absolutely sure. But you can rest assured that I will be calling them first thing tomorrow morning. It is the first source I have come across that has all of the sizes available. Do you have any idea how excited I am??? Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to call!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (I just did a grand jeté in my kitchen)

I’ll post an update in the morning …

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